Regulatory Framework for Electrical Safety

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Electricity Supply Facilities

  1. Electricity Supply Regulations
    • Monitor electricity supply companies to ensure the safe and reliable supply of electricity
  2. Electricity Supply Lines (Protection) Regulation
    • Regulate works carried out in the vicinity of electricity supply lines
    • Manage the registration system for competent persons
    • Monitor the performance of competent persons

Electrical Installations

  1. Electricity (Wiring) Regulations
    • Provide the techinical and safety standards for fixed electrical installations
    • Oblige owners of fixed electrical installations to arrange for periodic testing
  2. Electricity (Registration) Regulations
    • Manage the registration systems for electrical workers
    • Monitor the performance of registered electrical workers and registered electrical contractors

Household Electrical Products

  1. Electrical Products (Safety) Regulation
    • Draw up the applicable safety requirements for electrical products supplied in Hong Kong
    • Manage the registered systems for recognized certification bodies and recongnized manufacturers

Chapter 406 《Electricity Ordinance》

4 December 2020